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We find the following links to be invaluable in our life with our dogs.  We share them with you and ask you to submit any other links that you feel would be appropriate to our rottweiler experience:


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For information on registrations, legislation, showing, competing and rules and regulations for the sport of dogs.


Form information and entry to dog events—breed, obedience, utility, agility, tracking and all other dog-related activities.


Clean air for pet homes. Filterless. The electrical consumption of a 30-watt bulb cleans a home.  The most popular air purification system in the world.


Read about our puppies and what they are doing, published since 1997, the Gazette is in it’s TENTH YEAR of publication.


This link will bring you directly to a wealth of Rottweiler items and books on their care.  My favorites!

Eternal Moon

This link will bring you to the great American artist, Linda Draper.  Rottweiler and other subjects..