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Fi’s first litter was planned with Oscar, #1 Rottweiler 2003.  A successful breeding was accomplished with one breeding on May 23, 2003 and just 9 weeks later on her due date Fi whelped six beautiful puppies, energetic and healthy.


Oscar is a substantial rottweiler,  bred by Perry Payson and owned by Darlene O’Sullivan.  He’s everything you could want in a male rottweiler.  Beautiful headpiece, good fore-chest and proper angulation front and rear.  Firm and level top line, and has beautiful movement.  He has passed on his winning good looks and movement to these little ones.  OFA Good.


Fi is a feminine rottweiler with great temperament and conformation.  She is OFA good.  Both of these parents pass on proper characteristics.  For more information on Fi, click here.



Fi and Oscar Litter

Whelped July 23, 2003













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