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Articles on health, training, showing and fun.


Lots of pictures of Jugendliebe puppies doing what they love to do.


Show schedules and entry forms (Local Shows Only)


Contests, pictures, cartoons.


· Spring Issue—Jan-Mar

· Summer Issue—Apr-Jun

· Fall Issue-July-Sept

· Winter Issue-Oct-Dec


The “Puppy Gazette”© is geared to the total enjoyment of your rottweiler puppy.  Articles from rottweiler owners on training, diet, health, showing, carting and even backpacking.  There is no limit to what you can do with your rottweiler.


Sections Include:


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· Photo Pup-O-Ree

· Funny Bones

· E-Mail

· Feature

· Upcoming Events



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Yes!  I Want a “Puppy Gazette”

Jugendliebe’s Bromwell with Joey and Jamie