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Bred for Companionship and Competition

Jugendliebe Means “Puppy Love”

Jugendliebe Rottweilers

Jugendliebe has devoted itself to the careful breeding of rottweilers who are competitive and companionable; Rottweilers that are sound in mind and sound in body, Bred to Defy the Law of Averages!©


Our rottweilers love to work, to compete and to please!


Whether your plans for a rottweiler include AKC conformation, Agility, or Obedience, your Jugendliebe puppy has been bred to excel.  Our puppies are working and winning!


All puppies are co-owned, no exceptions.  We are intensely interested in the success of you and your rottweiler.


Quarterly newsletters keep everyone up-to-date on the latest in training, showing, health, and fun for our puppies.


Check out our pedigree page and sign up for a free Puppy Gazette, our in-house newsletter, for and by our puppy families.


All our puppies are micro-chipped and DNA is registered with the AKC.

CH Jugendliebe’s Journey

Jugendliebe’s Bootlegger, Oz

Backeast A Bedrock Boy

Jugendliebe’s Hannah v Weidenbenner